A NEW Way to display

Boaters can enhance their boating experience by combining their Suzuki outboard motor with Suzuki’s latest Suzuki Multi-Function Gauge 4” (SMG4). The screen displays a wide array of data including engine rpm, speed, trim angle, and more.


The 2nd generation Suzuki Multi-function Gauge (SMG4) shows the right information, at the right time, all on one user-friendly screen.

View engine rpm, speed, trim angle, engine temp and fuel economy in 13 different measurement units. You can also monitor total fuel flow for multiple engines, and get visual display alerts from the engine’s sensors and warning systems.

Touch-controlled troll speed

Seasoned top-water anglers and Suzuki outboard owners agree that Troll mode is one of the most important features introduced to the SMG4 gauge. Finding that trolling sweet spot can often be the key to success when pulling lures. Now it’s even easier to make precise incremental adjustments to engine RPM and boat speed at the touch of a button.

Crystal-clear display for all conditions

The 3.5 inch LCD display is designed for crystal clear display in real-world conditions. You can select day mode for easy viewing in harsh daytime sunlight or select night mode for excellent clarity that creates an easy viewing transition between looking at Engine Data and the water in front of you.

Choose digital or analogue display

The compact 3.5 inch LCD colour displays the engine’s performance data in either analogue or digital presentation mode.

Digital mode provides important information like Engine RPM, Trip Hours, Trip Miles Travelled and both shift and Trim Positions all at a glance in an easy to read 3.5-inch display.

In analogue mode, a quick glance shows Engine RPM, shift position, fuel level and Trim position.

Whether you prefer analogue or digital presentations, Suzuki gives you the option to display the data that matters most, and easily change displays at the push of a button.

How does the multi-function gauge work?

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